In my private life I’m a family man, father, traveller, motorcyclist and photographer. I live in a beautiful city named Helsingborg in the south parts of Sweden together with my girlfriend. We have three kids each (3*2=6) and my girlfriend is also a proud grandmother.

The picture at the top of my pages shows our old cold bath in the north part of the city. It was ruined in a heavy storm in 2011 and the main part of the buildings that originates from 1880 was flushed away.

I spend a lot of time with my motorcycles which is my main interest besides taking photos. I have one Yamaha XTZ750-94 that I use for gravel roads and one BMW K1200LT-09 that I use for travelling around Europe. I’ve been riding around in Europe since early 80’s and Ireland is the only place I haven’t been to, so far… I’m not only interested in riding the bikes, spend almost as much time taking care of them and vehicle mechanics is almost as fun as riding.

At work I’m a software developer / system architect / software configuration manager / devop / project manager / Scrum coach / SME within Agile and Lean software development and Application Lifecycle Management. I’m mainly focusing on the Microsoft platform and tools like Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server.

Until most recently I’ve been working for Microsoft Consulting Sweden but have been in the computer /software business since 1984 working for many large companies as well as self-employed.

At Microsoft my main assignments have mainly been within Application Lifecycle Management, Microsoft development platforms and Team Foundation Server but also within VB6 migration and Microsoft Project Online etc.

I’m also reachable through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Skype


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