My interest for motorcycles have been there for some years now, around 1969-1970 when I was 8-9 years old I got the opportunity to try riding a mini dirtbike. Don’t remember the brand or even the engine size, the only thing I do remember was that it was on a farm, the bike went fast around in the cow dung and I ended up crashing through the fence to their private garden. My fascination was born!

I continued with the bikes, at the age of 15 I was driving around illegally with a 125cc Honda K3. According to the law I needed to be 16 and also with a drivers license, I didn’t fit into either but stayed out on the countryside…


After military service I decided to finally get the license and bought myself a Yamaha XT500, what a bike, still regret that I sold it after two years of mud diving, high jumping and rear wheel driving. I was the second driver in Sweden that the police caught for rear wheel driving, it was a new stupid law that didn’t accept that I overtook a speeding Corvette on my back wheel.

XT50086_blk_3r PS 04

Switched the XT500 after two years for a brand new Honda CB750C, wanted some more comfy seat so I could do some longer trips in Sweden. CB750C was a nice bike, looked great and felt a bit more like a big bike, big enough for vacations with tent, packing and everything for two.


I found out that Europe is quite big and fascinating when I started to grow interest in driving long distance. Tried out several bikes where the Honda Goldwing GL1100 and GL1200 stood out with its high comfort, driveshaft, luxury and all.


So I started touring Europe, went everywhere, learned the hard way without GPS and other tech stuff to find my way around on all the small narrow roads and mountain passes, learned how to survive riding through all the big cities with all the kamikaze car drivers.

Don’t know how many times I’ve passed Grossglockner on my way down, Italy is the favorite destination but this year I got a new interest in UK, lovely country and kind, helpful and great people, amazing nature, but they are driving like maniacs, they’re on the wrong freaking side of the road for gods sake!!!

Over the years several other brands and models have passed by, Hondas, Suzukis, Kawazakis, Yamahas but never any Italian or American bikes. Still got some pride Blinkar

Ok, so for the last 5-7 years I have two bikes in my garage:

For the long trips around Europe I strongly believe in comfort so that’s why I choose a BMW K1200LT. It’s a 2009 year model and contains all possible luxury. Hydraulic center stand, electric heated seats and handlebars, cruise control, stereo, GPS, USB connectors, it even got a reverse gear. Owned two of this bike over the latest five years and been to Poland, Czech, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Italy, Monaco, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark and Norway with them. Pure joy, we have plans for trips to Spain, Portugal, Ireland, , Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Russia in the next coming years. Maybe when things settle down in Turkey and Syria we will take all the countries around Greece later on.


When I’m not out cruising around on the highways I love to fool around like a maniac on gravel roads and dirt and for that I have a big favorite and it is really big. Yamaha XTZ750 from 1994 is like a German Tiger tank out in the fields, but that’s the way I like it. You won’t treat it like a traditional dirt bike maneuvering over rocks and logs, instead you will crush them. Ler I bought this one in early 2008.


On the other hand it’s not that easy to handle in deep and soft sand, most of the time it will end up showing its belly, like in next picture. Once in a while I try to get down to south Poland for some dirt tracking together with some friends that lives down there. Driving in their mountains and forests is great!


In the future I could consider one more bike though, a little bit less weight, just for the sand playing stuff. Husqvarna is one brand that got my attention.


I know there’s a lot of discussions around “the ultimate bike”, friends are getting unfriendly and the opinions are as many as there are bikers. I stay outside and simply say, if you enjoy riding it, if you’re riding around with a big silly smile on your face all the time, then it’s “the ultimate bike” for you!

Ride with the wind!